Durham City Neighbourhood Draft Plan, additional consultation dates

Following an excellent response to the Durham City Neighbourhood Draft Plan public consultation events, two additional dates with later opening times have been scheduled to enable workers and young people to attend. These will be held at the Palatine Centre, Durham University on Monday 27th November 12-6pm and Ustinov College, Sheraton Park on Tuesday 28th November 4-8pm, and are open to everyone.

Pippa Bell, Neighbourhood Plan Engagement Officer, explained; “We were delighted by the scale and extent of the response to our first consultation event at Neville’s Cross, so have arranged further meetings to provide additional opportunities for the public to share their views on the Plan. We are grateful to the University for providing the venues.”

The plan is available to view at Claypath Library, County Hall and the Town Hall and also available online at npf.durhamcity.org.uk/the-plan/

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  1. Ron Inglis says:

    We certainly recommend the use of the DLI Grounds once more, as a valuable public place, as well as a place of rememberance due to the ashes of Ex DLI Soldiers and families. We would welcome the use of the building to be used as an Art Gallery once again, but to also include the building back into a DLI Museum, which was originally why it was built. DCC will have us believe the building was not fit for purpose, we have the results of a survey they carried out in 2015 and it is. The amount of money that has been spent on displaying the few items from the Collection, the storage, the travelling exhibition is a disgrace and could have easily been spent on the original building.We are in a constant campaign and have had several meetings with DCC, to get justification for what has gone on between DCC, The Trustees of the Museum and now The University, to obtain a building where the whole collection is under ONE roof and not scattered around the County, and as the Museum still stands, it makes absolute sense, as well as solving a number of problems. We have met with Trustees, and Cllrs, including Cllr Henig, Cllr Johnson and Steven Howell, but unfortunately they do not see what the public is crying out for. This group seems to be wanting the same as our group, perhaps working together, we may convince the powers that be to listen to the public, instead of feeding us a load of rubbish. ON BEHALF OF THE FAITHFUL DURHAMS

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