Chapter 1: Foreword

1.1 The most important feature of a neighbourhood plan is that it is prepared and agreed by local people. The work is normally carried out by a parish or town council on behalf of its local community. In our area there is no local council at present as we are ‘un-parished’. In order for the plan to be prepared, the County Council has enabled the setting up of the Durham City Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

1.2 The Forum has adopted the name ‘Our Neighbourhood’ for the area covered by the Plan, which is shown on Map 1 on page 4. It has taken nearly three years to prepare and has provided the opportunity for continuous consultation throughout. It is now time to find out what people who live and work in the area, and those who visit, think of the policies and proposals in this draft Plan.

1.3 There are four matters to be borne in mind when assessing the content of this draft Plan:

  1. Its policies, when agreed, will have statutory force, i.e. they will be relevant in the consideration of planning applications by the County Council, and they will need to be in compliance with the current adopted development plan, which is the saved policies of the City of Durham Local Plan;
  2. Quite early in the lifetime of our Neighbourhood Plan a new local plan – the County Durham Plan – will be adopted. Our policies will then need to be reviewed, and if necessary changed, to bring them into compliance with this new County Durham Plan. We will seek to future-proof our Neighbourhood Plan by having regard to the emerging County Plan;
  3. The Plan should be read as a whole – the planning policies all relate to one another even though they appear under different themes, so common aspects only appear in one policy to avoid repetition;
  4. Our Neighbourhood Plan presents an opportunity go beyond the planning policies in identifying the actions needed by statutory, community and other bodies to achieve the vision and objectives of the plan.

1.4 We hope that many people will take the opportunity to contribute to making our Neighbourhood Plan one which is effective and truly representative of the wishes of local people for a sustainable future for this beautiful and historic city.

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5 Responses to Chapter 1: Foreword

  1. Durham City Access For All Group says:

    The Durham City Access For All Group has considered the Plan and support the initiative it represents. Like others, we appreciate the work that has been done in preparing the Plan and in making it possible for all residents of the City to comment on its ideas and suggestions.

  2. Sidegate Residents' Association says:

    The Sidegate Residents’ Association held a special meeting to discuss the draft plan and was completely supportive of the overall direction of the plan and very appreciative of the work that had gone into it. Detailed comments will be made at appropriate points in the plan.

  3. Geoffrey Bromiley says:

    There has been a near-complete absence of formal planning for the city itself for some time. This Neighbourhood plan is admirable.

  4. Lucy says:

    This Neighbourhood Plan has lifted my spirits about the future for Durham after years of worrying about inappropriate development and declining civil society.

    The website and accompanying literature/maps come over as thoroughly professional, carefully thought through, and admirably succinct.

    Many thanks to everyone who has put so much voluntary effort into it on behalf of the wider community.

  5. John Pacey says:

    The draft Neighbourhood Plan represents tremendous work in progress for which thanks are due to those who have been and will continue to be engaged in its finalisation.
    It is in my view very important that in commenting on the draft at this stage those who do so bear in mind that this Plan is intended to guide the development of Durham City until 2033.

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