Chapter 4: Planning Policies and Proposals for Land Use

4.1 The ‘Planning Policies and Proposals for Land Use’ are given in this chapter, organised under the six themes:

Theme 1: A City with a sustainable future

Theme 2: A beautiful and historic City

(a) Heritage

(b) Green infrastructure

Theme 3: A City with a diverse and resilient economy

Theme 4: A City with attractive and affordable places to live

Theme 5: A City with a modern and sustainable transport infrastructure

Theme 6: A City with an enriched community life

Map and Images Copyright and Acknowledgements

4.2 The map of Our Neighbourhood on page 4, the two maps of the World Heritage Site and its inner setting, and the map showing the Durham City Conservation Area with its character areas have been supplied by Durham County Council under the terms of its licence from Ordnance Survey number LA 1000490055. Each of these maps has a copyright notice.

4.3 The map of Durham in the late medieval period in Appendix B is from the book ‘Durham: 1000 Years of History’ by Martin Roberts (ISBN 978-0-7524-2537-5) and we are grateful to Martin for freely giving us permission to use it.

4.4 The other maps overlay specific information (generated by the Neighbourhood Planning Forum) on a base map provided by OpenStreetMap® and is © OpenStreetMap contributors. The data is available under the Open Database Licence, and the cartography is licensed as CC BY-SA. Further details are on the OpenStreetMap copyright page at

4.5 Zoomable versions of these maps are available here.

4.6 All images are provided by Forum members and have Forum copyright except for the image at top of the transport policy (provided by Douglas Pocock) and the aerial photo of the city on the front cover (provided by Andrew and Clare Edge). We have their permission to include these but they still retain their own copyright. Angela Tracy designed the Forum’s logo.

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