Policy S1

Policy S1: Sustainable Development Requirements of All Development and Re-development Sites

Development proposals, subject to satisfying other relevant policies, will be approved where site development would promote as many as appropriate of the following measures:

  1. provision for a mix of uses which meet development needs identified in the Local/County Plan and in this plan;
  2. redevelopment of a brownfield site to protect the Green Belt, as long as its biodiversity value is protected;
  3. protection of biodiversity / geodiversity, designated wildlife sites and protected species;
  4. prudent and efficient use of natural resources and processed materials and in particular land, energy, water and building materials;
  5. resilience to climate change including avoidance of sites in the flood plain;
  6. improvements in safety and active reduction in crime and fear of crime through use of the highest appropriate building standards that design out crime;
  7. preservation and enhancement of conservation areas and heritage assets (listed buildings, ancient monuments, designated and non-designated heritage assets), including that derived from their setting, character and local distinctiveness, tranquillity and contribution to the sense of place;
  8. preservation and enhancement of green assets;
  9. the incorporation of public art and public facilities including provision of seating and toilet facilities;
  10. provision of access and a coordinated approach to paving, lighting and signage to provide permeability of the site to meet all needs, especially the needs of people with disabilities, older people, and children;
  11. ease of access by public transport, walking and cycling.

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3 Responses to Policy S1

  1. Simon Priestley says:

    Fully endorse the set of criteria in this section

  2. Durham City Access For All Group says:

    In its policy setting out requirements for all development and re-development sites in the City, the Plan draws attention to the need for a coordinated approach to paving, lighting and signage. We endorse this part of the policy, and also the part which draws attention to the need for ease of access by public transport, walking and cycling, to all development and re-development sites, provided that means ease of access for all residents and visitors, including those with disabilities.

  3. Sidegate Residents' Association says:

    The SRA fully endorsed this policy and placed particular emphasis on protecting the Green Belt and promoting resilience to climate change.