Policy D5

Policy D5: Meeting Other Housing Needs

D5.1: Any scheme for new residential development on sites of 10 housing units, or greater, must include 15% as affordable housing.

D5.2: Proposals by developers/owners of PBSAs to make self-contained suites available for young professionals, young couples starting out, people leaving home for the first time, and/or older people where appropriate, will be supported.

D5.3: Development proposals that provide residential accommodation in upper floors of commercial properties (outside the primary and secondary frontage) for these categories of need will be supported, as long as they do not result in a loss of existing commercial space.


4.164 Residential development in Durham City has in recent years been predominantly for students and for so-called ‘executive housing’. Our consultations (Durham City Neighbourhood Planning Forum, 2015) show that family housing and affordable housing, for renting and for buying, are a particular need in Durham City and that appropriate provision is needed here for people starting out in the housing market, for families with children and for young professionals. The NPPF (para.50) expects that such categories of need are recognised. Changes in law nationally tilt the provision from renting to owning and do not protect the affordable price in perpetuity. Our Neighbourhood Plan seeks to keep both renting and buying as options. Provision can be made by new build or by conversions of former Houses in Multiple Occupation.

4.165 Large tracts of the centre of Durham City consist of terraced housing that is almost entirely given over to student accommodation. In the interests of fostering balanced and sustainable communities as envisaged by the NPPF (para.50) and our Policy D1, we attach great importance to securing the reversion of some Houses in Multiple Occupation back to family homes and general housing, as covered in Policy D2.3.

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2 Responses to Policy D5

  1. Mathew Teale says:

    Support measures to encourage the re-conversion of HMOs to traditional accommodation.

  2. John Pacey says:

    POLICY D 5
    Whilst I support this Policy, I am not sure I understand the logic of giving priority to the retention of commercial space instead of proposed residential accommodation (D 5. 3).
    This is not explained in the Justification.