Policy C3

Policy C3: Provision of New Community Facilities

Development proposals for the provision of new community facilities (e.g. community centres, youth centres, village halls, sports fields and pitches, libraries, post offices, public houses and places of worship) or for extensions to existing facilities will be permitted, provided that such a proposal:

  1. is not in the Green Belt, except for the exceptions listed in paragraph 89 of the NPPF; and
  2. is well related to residential areas and local facilities; and
  3. is, wherever possible, of a flexible design which could serve more than one use; and
  4. would not adversely affect the amenity of occupiers of nearby or adjoining land or property; and
  5. allows access to people with disabilities; and
  6. does not create or contribute to a traffic hazard; and
  7. is accessible to users of all modes of travel including public transport, cycling and walking.

For justification see Policy C5

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  1. John Pacey says:

    Policy C 3
    I support this Policy.