Map of Cycling Issues

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3 Responses to Map of Cycling Issues

  1. Sebastian Pałucha says:

    It could be a great achievement to turn this map to be all green! I’m looking forward to cycle around in the safe and dedicated routes.

  2. Viv says:

    Please also note and assess bicycle parking provision. For example, Palace Green has only a few stands largely hidden from view so you need to know where they are to find them. The ones marked outside the Castle are news to me, I’ve never found them. There are no others marked on the peninsular, which makes shopping with a bicycle very awkward. I usually come through from one side to the other with my bicycle for shopping, so leaving it on one side and returning doesn’t work well, I want cycle parking en route. You don’t mark the ones outside Ciao Ciao that are the only ones I know of on that side. There should be convenient cycle parking outside most public buildings, to make cycling convenient and encourage it. (The University does better, but still not good enough.)

    The “adequate” section of the A167 to Nevilles Cross is not adequate, it is on the pavement with a multitude of driveways, side roads and pedestrians to negotiate. Certainly won’t be improved with extra students when the new housing comes into use. The whole of the A167 needs reassessing for cycle provision, both to maintain and improve safe routes to schools, and for those of us who prefer to cycle faster, on road.

  3. D Ward says:

    Whinney Hill is not a quiet street where cyclists use the road as indicated on the cycling issues map. It is a bus route with bad visibility, blind crests and parked cars limiting the lane width to one lane. The road should be restricted to 20mph and appropriate warning signs erected. Owing to these problems cyclist use the pavements and are a danger to pedestrians.