Map of Pedestrian Issues

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3 Responses to Map of Pedestrian Issues

  1. Viv says:

    Re: Access from Quarry House Lane onto footpath down to River Browney hard with a buggy (footpath 9). This is a footpath not a bridleway, and the access as it stands is appropriate for the legal status (narrow gaps, rough paths and stile). Making it suitable for buggies would be nice, but would bring a host of other issues that require careful balancing and consultation. It would then be used by mountain bicyclists to access the railway paths, potentially by powered two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles (mobility scooters if not larger), and the frequent sat-nav confusion by those wanting the caravan site would be exacerbated by being “almost” accessible via that path.

  2. Janet Gill says:

    Problem with crossing road at top of Gilesgate below roundabout outside Claypath Medical Practice surgery to reach bus stop or cross footbridge over A690.

  3. D Ward says:

    Whinney Hill is not shown on the pedestrian issues map and it should be. There is an extremely high volume of student pedestrian traffic. Pavements are narrow and surfaces poor. The grass verges are constantly walked on and are churned up making the surfaces of the pavement muddy and dangerous underfoot. Consequently, passage with wheelchairs and buggies is very difficult, as is crossing the road owing to volume and speed of traffic. The road is narrowed along its length by parked cars and visibility restricted owing to blind crests. The road should be limited to 20mph.