Response Categorisation

The Forum has worked through all the responses, categorising them and identifying those which raise a planning issue or action that needs to be considered further.

The codes for categorising the responses are as follows:

  • c1: outside the remit of the neighbourhood plan
    • c1a: outside the Plan area
    • c1b: planning issue that has to be dealt with by the Council or by other bodies not by a neighbourhood plan
    • c1c: not a planning issue
  • c2: a generic style comment of praise, blame, opinion etc not requiring a response just an acknowledgement
  • c3: suggesting changes to the policies
  • c4: suggesting changes to the projects
  • c5: suggesting changes to the other text of the Plan

The categorisation of responses are now available as follows:

Theme 1: A City with a Sustainable Future

Theme 2a: A beautiful and historic city – Heritage

Theme 2b: A beautiful and historic city – Green Infrastructure

Theme 3: A City With a Diverse and Resilient Economy

Theme 4: A City with attractive and affordable places to live

Theme 5: A City With a Modern and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

Theme 6: A City With an Enriched Community Life

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