Summary: Projects to Improve Our Neighbourhood

Although the purpose of a neighbourhood plan is to set out planning policies and proposals for the use and development of land, it also provides an opportunity for views on other types of improvements that are seen to be necessary or desirable. Some of the ideas expressed in consultations so far are set out here to stimulate further contributions which will be compiled for consideration by all the bodies that might help to bring them about.

1. Durham Sustainable City – annual report on journey towards sustainability

2. Durham City Centre Clean Air Zone – a proposal and implementation

3. Clean Forum Durham set up to find ways towards cleaner City environment

4. A formal review of status, management and use of all open space

5. A Master Plan for Aykley Heads Business Park

6. A new Travel to Work Plan initiative for all major bodies and businesses

7. Completion of fast broadband upgrade and full mobile connectivity

8. Continuing improvements to the public realm of the City Centre and North Road and retail revival action plan including shop front grant scheme

9. New Visitor Centre, improved and new welcoming facilities, information, trails, events, and accommodation for visitors and tourists

10. Extension of Article 4 Direction to all of Our Neighbourhood to control student and HMO accommodation and a ‘To Let’ sign control protocol

11. Integration initiative within and between public transport services

12. Funding of a rolling programme of walking and cycling improvements

13. Completion of registration of currently unregistered rights of way

14. Priority in City centre for short term parking including ‘Click and Collect’

15. Modernising taxi services by 2023 using electric and hybrid vehicles only

16. Support for greater availability and local production of healthier food.

Give your feedback on what projects you favour and any ideas you would like to be considered.

Full details of improvement projects here.

Projects to implement Plan policies

Some of our Neighbourhood Plan policies would benefit from implementation projects in addition to any relevant planning proposals that might be brought forward by interested parties.

  • Policy Implementation Project 1: Policy G3 – Creation of the Emerald Network
  • Policy Implementation Project 2: Policy D2.3 – Reconversion of Some Houses in Multiple Occupation Back to Family Homes and General Housing
  • Policy Implementation Project 3: Policy C1 – Community Arts Facilities
  • Policy Implementation Project 4: Policy C2 – Information Hub

Details of policy implementation projects here.

End of summary

2 Responses to Summary: Projects to Improve Our Neighbourhood

  1. James A Cowan says:

    I agree withe the majority of these proposals. However, the provision of a taxis in Durham City should be regulated. At this time there appears to be far too many taxis for the number of potential users. Moreover, ‘the jury is still out’ with regard to electric and hybrid vehicles. First, there is no assurance that current gneration of electricity is sufficient to sustain a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles, the increase in the import of electricity, via ‘connectors’ to Europe, threatens our emergy security and the next generation of super clean diesel engines where the air coming out of the exhaust is cleaner than the air going into the engine is just around the corner!

  2. Ruth Rutter says:

    I agree with all of the above.