Heritage subtheme

A Beautiful and Historic City: (a) Heritage


Durham City’s local heritage will be conserved and enhanced for the cultural benefit and health and well being of present and future generations.


  1. To conserve and enhance the site and setting of the Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site;
  2. To conserve and enhance the Conservation Areas and their setting by sensitive and well-designed development that:
    1. balances conflicting needs with emphasis on avoiding diluting the distinctive character of the locality;
    2.  sustains and increases their social, economic and environmental vitality;
    3. avoids the cumulative impact of schemes which dominate either by their size, massing or uniformity;
  3. To uphold high standards of sympathetic, distinctive, and innovative design;
  4. To conserve heritage assets.

Planning Policies

  • Policy H1: Protection of the World Heritage Site
  • Policy H2: The Conservation Areas
  • Policy H3: Our Neighbourhood Outside the Conservation Areas
  • Policy H4: Heritage Assets

The convener for this theme is Ann Evans.

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