A City with attractive and affordable places to live


Durham City will have a range of housing types to meet the needs of a sustainable mix of local residents and students living in harmony.


  1. To change the imbalance towards student accommodation back to a sustainable, balanced community;
  2. To promote housing designed for the needs of older people and for people with disabilities;
  3. To promote affordable housing for all sectors of the community, but particularly for families with children and young people starting out.

Planning Policies

  • Policy D1: Land for Residential Development
  • Policy D2: Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
  • Policy D3: Student Accommodation in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Policy D4: Housing for Older People and People with Disabilities
  • Policy D5: Affordable Housing
  • Policy D6: Building Housing to the Highest Standards

The conveners for this topic are John Ashby and Sue Childs.

2 Responses to A City with attractive and affordable places to live

  1. Terry Turrington says:

    ‘Attractive places to live’ would surely include the maintenance of Conservation Areas, where current residents have chosen to live, and, incidentally, pay for the privilege. The monstrous random felling of ancient, and even endangered, trees in the so-called Conservation Area of the erstwhile County Hospital, followed by proposals to fell the trees and ‘get rid of’ the roundabout on North Road just south of the viaduct, fly in the face of any idea of ‘attractiveness’ to those residents still surviving the tide of HMOs. The totally UNCONSULTED, and illegal in terms of process, plan to create a major hub and constant bus-route at the junction of North Road, to Sutton Street, is equally objectionable in terms of attractive living conditions. Please oppose.

  2. John Pacey says:

    I am supportive of this Vision (14/12 draft) and any wording which might help to protect the City from further damaging impact consequent on inappropriate student residential projects- the City having already having suffered seriously.
    I would particularly strongly support wording which would encourage the upgrading of the environment of residential areas.