A City with a modern and sustainable transport infrastructure

Providing sustainable transport access to economic, educational, training, cultural and social opportunities for all, thereby enabling a swifter transition to a healthier environment and a low-carbon future.


  1. To ensure that new developments are well-served by sustainable transport;
  2. To make transport healthier and safer for all;
  3. To improve the integration of public transport services;
  4. To avoid unnecessary travel resulting from new development;
  5. To reduce vehicle exhaust emissions in order to meet climate change commitments and national air quality objectives;
  6. To create pleasant and healthy streets, public places and areas of natural environment.

Planning Policies

  • Policy T1: Accessibility of Proposed Developments
  • Policy T2: Designing for Sustainable Transport
  • Policy T3: Residential Car Parking in the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)
  • Policy T4: Residential Storage for Cycles and Mobility Aids

The conveners for this topic are Matthew Phillips and Karen Elliott.

One Response to A City with a modern and sustainable transport infrastructure

  1. John Pacey says:

    I support this vision (14/12 draft),especially in encouraging the introduction of speed restrictions and traffic calming in residential and environmentally-sensitive areas.