Vision for the Durham City Plan

We have written our Vision for the Durham City Plan, based on people’s comments from the public consultation:

Durham City’s potential as a beautiful and historic City will be realised through policy and action to improve and protect its qualities and by creating a diverse and resilient economy with attractive and affordable places to live. It will be supported by modern infrastructure and enriched by community engagement in its future.

This leads on to the six themes we are using to develop the Plan’s policies:

The Vision is a draft one, which may change in the light of people’s further comments. What do you think?


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2 Responses to Vision for the Durham City Plan

  1. Terry Turrington says:

    The key points are laudable:
    The city has a pollution problem but every proposed (and supported) development seems to include the felling of trees (see County Hospital; North Road roundabout etc.)
    This needs strong opposition.
    ‘The city’ seems to be seen as an area within the curve of the river. DH1 includes North Road as far as Fram Peth. Proposing developers, and CITY PLANNERS are NOT resident in the city. Why not reserve decisions about living in the city to people who do?

  2. Bill Williamson says:

    The themes of this vision are the key ones and they are inter-connected. Durham is under threat from many directions. National policies and trends in housing, economic policies, health and welfare and in education cannot help build the city that Durham deserves to be. The governance of Durham is too weak to secure a better future. Crucial to the fight back is stronger, highly participative local decision-making.