Maiden Castle

Roger Cornwell, the Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Forum, spoke at the County Planning Committee on Tuesday 6th February. He was speaking against the University’s proposal to extend sporting facilities at Maiden Castle (DM/17/01929/FPA). His presentation is available: Maiden Castle Committee address

The County Planning Committee approved the University’s application for Maiden Castle. As it is large and in the Green Belt, it has to go off to the government to see whether it should be called in, i.e. go to an Inspector.






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One Response to Maiden Castle

  1. Janet George says:

    I would be astonished if building a sports hall does actually constitute the ‘special circumstances’ required for building on Green belt land so this certainly does need to be scrutinised. I sincerely hope our MP will support an appeal. I also question whether the councillors on the planning committee possess sufficient current knowledge to make a decision to pass this application. How much training are they given for example. Most councillors responsible for the decision were not Durham City based, I do hope this will change when the Parish Council is up and running. Thank you Roger once again for all your hard work.