Generic resources

County Durham Local Plan

For further information about the progress of the County Durham Local Plan see the County’s News section.

Other local planning policies

Durham City Regeneration Masterplan Mar 2014 (E24)

Durham City Regeneration Masterplan, Cabinet Report, 6 Apr 2014

Durham City Strategic Sites and Infrastructure Delivery Strategy, County Durham Cabinet Report, 16th Apr 2014

City of Durham Local Plan Saved Policies 27 Sep 2007

City of Durham Local Plan. Consistency Assessment of Saved Policies with National Planning Policy Framework and Guidance July 2015

NPF Commentary DCC Assessment Saved Policies 2015 version

City of Letters : City of Stone | Durham Public Art Strategy & Action Plan 2009 – 2014 (report produced by the now dissolved Durham City Arts)

Other local planning resources

City of Durham Trust and NPF Response Statement of Community Involvement Consultation 2016

DCC’s Statement of Community Involvement

National resources

National Planing Policy Framework

Neighbourhod Planning Guidance

Neighbourhood Planning



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