Large Student Residences

The following tables set out the position as at October 2020 regarding large purpose-built student residences (PBSAs) since 2012, all but one of which have been built since 2012. This information was part of the evidence base used in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. Since 2020 the numbers have changed and the current position may be found here, on the Durham City Info website.

The summary position is set out below, followed by a detailed list of each property.

Note that ‘apartments’ have been counted as 1 bed but may in fact have 2 or even more beds.

Up and running at start of 2020/21 academic year

4,369 beds

In the pipeline:

    • Under construction, expected to open 2021/22

168 beds

    • With outline planning permission


850 beds

Total in the pipeline:

1,018 beds


5,387 beds

Allocated in County Durham Plan Policy 16.2 as PBSA sites:

2,100 to 3,200 beds


7,487 to 8,587 beds

Name / location

Status: Up and running as at October 2020


St Margaret’s Flats

Built by St John’s College in 1994, sold on to Empiric Student Property and refurbished in 2017.

109 bedrooms, in 22 flats in 5 blocks.

Elvet Studios (Green Lane)

Opened September 2013.

112 apartments

City Block (formerly The Village @ The Viaduct) (Ainsley Street)

Opened October 2014.

223 beds

Ward Court (Former Neville’s Cross Club)

Opened autumn 2015.

36 apartments

Chapel Heights (Gilesgate)

Opened September 2016.

198 beds

St Giles Studios (110 Gilesgate)

Opened September 2016.

109 beds

New Kepier Court (Mayorswell Close)

Opened September 2017.

214 rooms, a mixture of “cluster apartments and studios”

Ernest Place (Renny’s Lane)

Opened August 2017. NB: This site is outside the Parish NP area.

345 beds

Neville House / Sheraton House (Sheraton Park)

Ustinov College relocated to here. Opened 2017.

418 beds

Duresme House (previously Berendsen Laundry) (Nevilles Cross)

Opened Autumn 2018.

277 room student “eco village”.

Dunholm House (The Riverwalk)

Opened Autumn 2018.

253 beds

Rushford Court (formerly County Hospital) (North Road)

Opened Autumn 2018. Managed by Unite Students. Became John Snow College for the Academic Year 2019/20.

363 beds

Houghall Court (East Durham College’s Houghall campus)

Opened September 2018. Managed by Unite Students

222 beds

The Mint Studios (part of former Post Office) (33 Silver Street)

Conversion approved to provide 7 self-contained apartments. Opened July 2019 but with only 6 apartments.


6 apartments

The Greenwell Building (part of former Post Office) (Back Silver Street)

Conversion approved to provide 11 self-contained apartments. Opened July 2019 with 11 apartments.

11 apartments

Student Castle (Lower Claypath)

Opened September 2019

473 beds (47 of these will be available on an aparthotel basis when not occupied by students.)

Durham University colleges (Mount Oswald)

South College (496 beds) and John Snow College (deduced 504 beds), both opened in September 2020.

1,000 beds


4,369 beds

Name / location

Status: In the pipeline, expected to open in the Academic year 2020/21


The Three Tuns (New Elvet)

Former hotel, planning application to increase the capacity from 50 to 168 beds approved June 2019. Under construction.

168 beds

Name / location

Status: In the pipeline with outline planning permission


Mount Oswald (Banks)

Outline planning application approved in January 2018 for land adjacent to the University’s Mount Oswald colleges

850 beds

Name / location

Status: Proposed allocations


University Masterplan

Six sites in County Durham Plan Policy 16.2:

  • Leazes Road 800-1,000 beds
  • Howlands 100-500 beds
  • James Barber House 100-200 beds
  • Elvet Hill car park 400-500 beds
  • St Mary’s College 100-200 beds
  • Mill Hill Lane 600-800 beds


These ranges of capacity are according to the University’s response to the EiP Inspector’s Supplementary question 19 and amount to between 2,100 and 3,200 additional beds

Name / location

Status: Refused


Kingslodge Hotel, Waddington Street

Planning application DM/14/01418/OUT refused on 13 November 2014; refusal upheld on appeal

60 beds

Off Framwelgate Peth

Planning application DM/15/02129/FPA refused on 16 December 2016

69 beds

Holly Street

Planning application DM/16/02537/FPA refused on 16 December 2016: refusal upheld on appeal

60 beds