2017 Consultation

The the 2017  consultation on the pre-submission draft from 4th November to 18th December 2017.

The response data from the consultation was collected in a variety of ways:

(i) by questionnaire

  • paper questionnaires were available at the three deposit locations and were handed out at the six drop in sessions
  • the questionnaire was available to be downloaded from the website as a pdf document
  • an electronic version of the questionnaire was available to be answered online

(ii) by making comments on the website

(iii) by sending emails

(iv) by sending letters either as email attachments or in the post

The response has been:

  • 133 questionnaires
  • 221 web comments from 59 individual people / groups
  • 15 email responses
  • 28 letters

Total: 397 responses from 235 individual people / groups

Numeric-Analysis of the data

Collated-Comments from the questionnaires, web comments and email responses

Plus handwritten attachments to questionnaires:

The letters are available here

The responses were analysed as follows: categorisation of the responses, identification of those which raised a planning issue or action that needed to be considered, amendment of the draft plan accordingly. This analysis is available here.

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