Submitted plan proposal

The Durham City Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Durham County Council on the 29 October 2019. The Plan was then subjected to a further Regulation 16 Consultation before being forwarded in February 2020 for independent examination by an appointed Examiner.

The submitted version of the plan can be seen here.

The independent examination took place by the Examiner reviewing the Plan documents and written representations, and by making an unaccompanied visit to the Neighbourhood Area. This took place in June 2020.

The Examiner concluded that, with the modifications given in his report, the Plan meets all the necessary legal requirements, including satisfying the Basic Conditions. He recommended that the modified Plan should proceed to Referendum and that this should be held within the Neighbourhood Area.


Durham County Council have accepted the Inspector’s recommendations and issued two decision notices to this effect:



The Examiner’s required modifications were made in August/September 2020, and after a series of meetings, confirmed by Durham County Council in March 2021. A tracked changes version of the submitted Plan draft can be seen here showing how the Examiner’s modifications were implemented.

The version of the Plan to go forward to referendum can be seen here.

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