Conservation areas within the Forum area

The conservation areas within the Forum area have been mapped and can be viewed here: Map of conservation areas. The Forum area includes both the Durham City and Burnhall conservation areas and directly abuts the Sunderland Bridge and Shincliffe conservation areas.

The Durham City Conservation Area has existed since 1968. The Council has carried out a consultation on the Durham City Conservation Area Character Appraisal.The Council’s consultation covered; (i) a proposed Article 4(2) direction which would remove permitted development rights to make external alterations to some properties; (ii) a revised conservation area boundary; (iii) a draft document covering the City area, and sub-areas within that (Crossgate. Elvet, Framwellgate, Gilesgate, Peninsula), defining the unique characteristics which make the historic city centre so special and identifying negative aspects, threats and opportunities to its preservation and enhancement. Documents can be seen on the Council’s website. The Forum made a response to this consultation: NPF Response Conservation Area Appraisal

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