Tracked changes

The Independent Examiner requested modifications to be made to the submitted Neighbourhood Plan to make it accord with the Basic Conditions.These comprise recommended modifications and optional modifications. The details of these modifications can be seen in the Examiner’s report:


The changes made as required by the Examiner can be seen as tracked changes in the pdf files below.

Red text – deleted text

Green text – new text

[Mx] code for the Examiner’s recommended modification
[OMx] code for the Examiner’s optional modification



Chapter-1-TRACKED Introduction

Chapter-2-TRACKED Background

Chapter-3-TRACKED Vision and Objectives

Chapter-4-Introduction-TRACKED Planning Policies and Proposals for Land Use – Introduction

Theme-1-TRACKED A City with a Sustainable Future

Theme-2a-TRACKED A Beautiful and Historic City – Heritage

Theme-2b-TRACKED A Beautiful and Historic City – Green Infrastructure

Theme-3-TRACKED A City with a Diverse and Resilient Economy

Theme-4-TRACKED A City with Attractive and Affordable Places to Live

Theme-5-TRACKED A City with a Modern and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

Theme-6-TRACKED A City with an Enriched Community Life

Chapter-5-TRACKED Monitoring the Plan

Appendix-A-TRACKED Description of the Character Areas in the Durham City Conservation Area

Appendix-B-TRACKED Heritage assets. List of notable unlisted buildings, and of heritage assets at risk (both designated and non-designated)

Appendix-C-TRACKED Population, Households, Housing and Sites

Appendix-D-TRACKED Assets in Our Neighbourhood

References-TRACKED References to Evidence Base

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