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Public views to inform the content of the Neighbourhood Plan have been collected in a variety of ways:

  • initially, a priority survey in 2015 (via questionnaires and public meetings) was carried out which determined which themes to be included in the plan and the types of policies needed
  • on going engagement (via questionnaires, meetings, email correspondence, comments posted on this website) with residents, community groups, the County Council, the University, schools, artists, developers and businesses refined and further developed the policies
  •  a formal consultation on the draft plan in 2017 confirmed that the policies were supported, with some changes required
  • a formal consultation on the amended draft plan in 2019

2019 Consultation on the amended Draft Plan

All the responses are now available for public viewing here. The analysis of the responses is in progress and the results will be available here.

2017 Consultation on the Draft Plan

All the responses are now available for public viewing here and the analysis of the responses here.

Ongoing engagement

Published engagement responses are available here.

2015 Priority Survey

The responses and analysis are available here.


Minutes of the Forum meetings (now ceased) and the Working Party meetings are available.

Make a General Comment

If you want to send us information or comment generally on the work we are doing you can email us, send us a letter or post a comment on this website. This page and the News page provide the opportunity to post comments. As the plan is currently being assessed by the Inspector the comments function has been switched off.

We have set up ground rules for making comments.

We have set up a Privacy and Data Protection policy.

If you want to do a survey of your own small local area Placecheck is a simple method you can use to look at a place and to think about how to make it better.

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