Objection to County Hall Proposal

The Forum has submitted an objection to the proposal to build a new County Hall and multi-storey carpark on the Sands. The issues that form the basis of this objection are:

  • increased traffic causing congestion
  • increased air pollution
  • concerns over pedestrian safety
  • adverse effects on tourism
  • flood risk
  • lack of consideration of possible alternative locations in the City and elsewhere in the County, and a lack of a full sustainability assessment of these alternatives

The full objection is available: Durham_City_NPF_objection_DM-18-02369-FPA


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2 Responses to Objection to County Hall Proposal

  1. ray price says:

    Each point is very valid.
    Plus: I suspect that the proposed multi storey car park will be an eyesore as they usually are, not allow for as many spaces as there are staff, councillors and pool cars.
    Good idea to make money selling the land at Dryburn but the totally wrong place to build a slightly smaller version.

  2. David says:

    I think you are quite right to ask for a full review as each one of your six points is valid. I had realised the new plan envisages far fewer staff in the offices than at Count Hall now.Quite how few I do not know. Better a full review than later when large sums of money have been spent.

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