Response to Consultation on Mountjoy and Church St

The Neighbourhood Planning Forum has sent responses to Durham University on their proposals for Mountjoy (ResponseUniversityConsultationNPF) and to Durham County Council on their suggestions for related changes to Church Street (ProposalForChurchStreetNPFResponse).

The University’s plans for Mountjoy presented in a public consultation at the end of April covered:

  1. the new Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science Building, Upper Mountjoy
  2. Hollingside Lane improvements, Upper Mountjoy
  3. South Road Improvements

The Council’s suggestions for Church Street covered pavement widening and reduction in parking spaces.

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One Response to Response to Consultation on Mountjoy and Church St

  1. Joanne Gorton says:

    The proposal to lose parking for residents is unacceptable. I agree with all the comments made in both letters from the npf. Further consultation is required further evaluation is required the proposal should be unacceptable in its current form.