Response to Milburngate House site changes

The Durham City Neighbourhood Planing Forum has recently responded to a pre-application consultation letter from DPP. Office-Development-Milburngate-House-NPF-180614

This refers to a change to their original plan for the Milburngate House site, with a sixth office block being proposed replacing a whole block of residential apartments. A previous change has been the introduction of a hotel.

The Forum is concerned that the incremental changes now being proposed invalidate the original aims of the development at a site that is, because of its size and sensitive location, the most important development site in the City.

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2 Responses to Response to Milburngate House site changes

  1. ray price says:

    DCC seems hell bent on allowing the demolition of ugly 1960’s concrete only to grant permission for ugly, but bigger, concrete structures.
    Good quality, two bedroomed apartments for our ageing population is a much better idea and the perfect site within walking distance of the city centre,

  2. James A Cowan says:

    This incremental change in the development of the Milburngate site is very worrying and one wonders of these changes invalidate the original planning permisssion? It would be very helpful if the Forum could produce the original plan and the new plan with all the changes. Significant changes include the addition of a multi-storey hotel vice officees and apartments, together with an additional officer block in place of apartments. With an ageing population, I would suggest that Durham City needs more good quality two bedroom apartments and less purpose built student accomodation in the city centre. If senior residents can be encouraged to live in the city centre then larger family houses will be released for the younger generation on the outskirts of the city. The proposed increase in the student population by 6,000 additional students is a demographic time-bomb, we may all agree!