Response to University’s Masterplan

The Forum has responded to the University’s consultation on their plans for developments on St Mary’s Field and Maiden Castle. The response is available here Durham City NPF response to Masterplan. The Forum expressed a number of concerns, e.g. pedestrian and traffic issues, loss of trees, building on the Green Belt, poor design of buildings.

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3 Responses to Response to University’s Masterplan

  1. Michael Attewell says:

    Surely there is scope for expansion on existing sites closer to the city centre.

  2. Michael Attewell says:

    Maiden Castle must surely have some historical significance to have been given that name. But even without this, its contours have helped to preserve a wild life corridor which will be devalued by interruption through development in one part. Green ‘belt’ means just that: broken it no longer works. It is surprising to find the University on the side of ruthless commerce against beleaguered nature.

    • Sue Childs says:

      The hill at Maiden Castle does have historical significance. It is an Iron Age promontory fort and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.