The Plan

The consultation on the draft Plan as now closed. However, the Plan is still available for viewing as downloadable pdf files or on the web

We thank everyone who has sent in a response.

The next stage for the Plan is as follows:

  • to collate the responses and place them in the public domain
  • to analyse the responses and to amend the draft plan as applicable
  • to place the results of this process into the public domain

Status of the Draft Plan and Further Stages

A ‘neighbourhood plan’ is a statutory planning document. Its role is to set out policies related to the development and use of land in the whole, or a particular part, of Our Neighbourhood. These are identified as ‘Planning Policies and Proposals for Land Use’. These planning policies have been developed  to address the concerns of local people identified in the various surveys carried out by the Durham City Neighbourhood Planning Forum and in feedback received. If the Plan is adopted, these planning policies will have to be taken into account when deciding on planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan also includes wider community issues than those directly related to the use and development of land. These are identified as ‘Projects to Improve the Economic, Social and Environmental Realm’.

The stages the Plan has still to go through comprise:

  • submission to Durham County Council and further consultation
  • independent examination;
  • public referendum

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

The Forum has prepared a Scoping Report and a Sustainability Appraisal Report for the draft Durham City Neighbourhood Plan. The Scoping Report and the Sustainability Appraisal Report together comprise an assessment of the environmental, social and economic impacts of the Neighbourhood Plan. A copy of both reports and the circumstances that led to the Forum preparing them are explained here.

6 Responses to The Plan

  1. Nicholas Till says:

    I support this plan, which has been drafted by some very diligent and knowledgeable members of Durham City’s community. Durham City has suffered great damage over several years during which there has been an unpardonable democratic deficit in the administration of the area covered by this plan, but in my view it is far better for citizens to take up and engage with the remit on offer than to say, “Too little, too late…”

  2. Rod Lugg says:

    The Neighbourhood Plan is well researched and put together with clear policies.I am very concerned about the lack of a clear policy in relation to student housing coming from the County Council . The Neighbourhood Plan puts this in perspective and provides a good stepping stone to get to grips with the issues. The thread of sustainable development principles throughout the plan is very welcome. Durham City has such a small but very precious city centre , it is vital that future development respects this in terms of heritage and sustainable development .I wholly support the policies and intentions in the plan.

  3. Mrs O Daglish says:

    I agree with all of Mr Lowe and Mr Holmes’ comments and would like to add that I thought the presentations were great. they were very well structured and staffed by knowledgeable volunteers. I would like to see the information boards displayed in the city centre for others to view. I think the issues addressed effect everyone using the city not just those who are lucky enough to reside in the designated area.

  4. M Lowe says:

    This plan has obviously been well thought through by people who are passionate about Durham City and who want to retain it’s individuality whilst recognising the need to move forward. That balance is not easy but if the plan is taken on board I believe it would help immensely. There is so much building work going on at the moment which makes it hard to see where Durham is actually heading, but I hope that the plan will force the powers that be to realise that students are not the be all and end all. They have got to cater for the existing and future residents, and make it affordable for young families to live and prosper in our lovely city.

  5. Mr N Holmes says:

    Durham City Neighbourhood Plan;

    The plan has been very well thought out. It is clearly drafted by a team that understand Durham very well.

    I agree with all aims and strategies suggested. It is a practical solution for many of the problems facing Durham at the moment. The plan foresees Durham’s potential without needing to destroy further the special qualities of the city.

    I would like my views to be recorded as support for this plan.

  6. S Fawcett says:

    This is a comprehensive and thorough report which recognises the many positive aspects of the plan area and its fragility in the face of many competing pressures. It provides an opportunity for those of us who care deeply about the city in which we live to define what makes the city special, to celebrate that which is good, and give direction to future changes that will enhance rather than destroy.