This summary  contains the 32 policies and suggestions for projects in the community.

The summary is available to down load as a pdf file: Summary-Neighbourhood-Plan

Or it can be seen on the Web at the following pages:

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The consultation on the draft Plan as now closed. However, the Plan is still available for viewing as downloadable pdf files or on the Web

We thank everyone who has sent in a response.

The next stage for the Plan is as follows:

  • to collate the responses and place them in the public domain
  • to analyse the responses and to amend the draft plan as applicable
  • to place the results of this process into the public domain

2 Responses to Summary

  1. Doug Hollingworth says:

    There has been a lot of hard work out into this document, most of which is to be welcomed. However, it is largely aspirational and the difficulty will be translating these aspirations into reality. Durham is a difficult environment to work in because of its existing street plan and topography. Cycling within the city is at best only for the fit and young, and at worst downright dangerous. Most desirable housing sites have been squandered to speculative student accommodation schemes, when the real sustainable demand is for younger single people, couples and families who are income earners, together with the elderly. The only way of bringing significant traffic relief to the city centre is from an outer ring road, which has serious adverse environmental consequences. Sadly, we have a completely dysfunctional planning department and planning committee, which, since the demise of the City Council, no longer has any real commitment to Durham City, witness the staggeringly silly decision to close the very successful tourist information centre and to submit a County Plan to the Government that was fundamentally flawed from the outset.

    I wish the Planning Forum every success, but I fear without a radical change of political control and a major overhaul of our planning department, your task will be enormously difficult.

  2. Susan Wesley says:

    Concerning street lighting; upgrading street lights with covers to project the light downwards, this will put the light where it is needed, and we will still be able to see the stars when we look up. Durham’s natural luminaire.

    Bike paths are a good idea but when too many trees a destroyed for a small bike path this takes something away from the health benefits, without the trees we face air pollution. If you plant new trees out of the city, the city doesn’t benefit, you need trees in the city to combat air pollution and to capture CO2.

    To-let boards are a real problem in the city, they don’t make the city feel homely for anyone, including the students.