A City with an enriched community life


Durham City will have a proactively supported community life, including health and well-being, with an enriched artistic and cultural life for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Residents will be supported and encouraged to be active citizens with a keen interest in their neighbourhood and how it develops.


  1. To encourage and promote the provision of a range of the highest quality health, educational, artistic, cultural, social and general community facilities to meet the needs of the residents of Our Neighbourhood and visitors to it;
  2. To retain and improve existing artistic, cultural, social and community facilities within Our Neighbourhood.

Planning Policies

  • Policy C1: Provision of Facilities for Arts and Culture
  • Policy C2: Provision of New Community Facilities
  • Policy C3: Protection of an Existing Community Facility
  • Policy C4: Health Care and Social Care Facilities

The conveners for this topic are Roger Cornwell and Angela Tracy.

One Response to A City with an enriched community life

  1. John Pacey says:

    I support this Vision (14/12 draft), especially in relation to the “the reduction of traffic on local streets,making the local community safer and healthier by safer walking…”etc