A City with a diverse and resilient economy

A sustainable and vibrant local economy, supporting large and small businesses, retail and tourism, and encouraging employment opportunities.


  1. To increase employment opportunities through the establishment and support of large and small enterprises;
  2. To identify strategic and local sites for a range of prestige developments for businesses, university research-based and high technology industries, and business incubators;
  3. To secure the vitality and competitiveness of the City centre through balanced retail development and to combine City centre retail with online shopping;
  4. To build on and enhance the tourism and leisure experience in the City.

Planning Policies

  • Policy E1: Larger Employment Sites
  • Policy E2: Other Employment Sites
  • Policy E3: Retail Development
  • Policy E4: Primary and Secondary Frontages

The conveners for this topic are: Pippa Bell (larger businesses and institutions) and Adam Deathe head of BID (retail and professional services)

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