Green subtheme

A Beautiful and Historic City: (b) Green Infrastructure


Durham City’s natural green spaces and networks of greenery will be protected and enhanced for the leisure, health, economic and environmental benefits they provide for residents, visitors and people working in the City.


  1. To protect and enhance the green infrastructure in Our Neighbourhood;
  2. To protect and enhance the green assets of the World Heritage Site, and its inner setting, and of the character areas of the Durham City Conservation Area;
  3. To address deficiencies of green infrastructure within Our Neighbourhood.

Planning Policies

  • Policy G1: Protecting and Enhancing Green Infrastructure
  • Policy G2: Designation of Local Green Spaces
  • Policy G3: Creation of the Emerald Network
  • Policy G4: Enhancing the Beneficial Use of the Green Belt

The conveners for this theme are Sue Childs and Angela Tracy


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