A City with a sustainable future


Durham City will have developments that meet and balance current needs without limiting or compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. All new development will contribute to a long-term sustainable future for Durham City by ensuring a balanced relationship among environmental, social and economic outcomes..


  • To ensure that sites and buildings approved for new development and/or redevelopment, renovation, conversion, extension will be sustainable.

Planning Policies

  • Policy S1: Sustainable Development Requirements of all Development and Re-development Sites Including all New Building, Renovations and Extensions
  • Policy S2: The Requirement for Master Plans

Conveners: John Lowe and David Miller

One Response to A City with a sustainable future

  1. John Pacey says:

    As regards this Vision,which is vital to the quality of life in Durham in future,Durham must have, amongst other things
    1.robust and enduring green-belt protection,with an inner-edge clearly delineated and protected from erosion,and

    2.modern infrastructure matched appropriately to its population size