Table B1 – 2019 version

Table B1: List of Non-Designated Heritage Assets, and of Heritage At Risk (Both Designated And Non-Designated)

Information from Durham County Council (2016b) character area appraisal.

Character Assessment Area

Character Assessment Sub-area

Notable Unlisted Buildings

Area 1 Peninsula

Palace Green

The Pace Building (extension to Palace Green library)

Former detached garage at Moyners Garth

No. 1 Dun Cow Lane

The Baileys

No. 50 North Bailey

Hatfield College private chapel

Sadler Street

62, 66 Saddler Street

Market Place

No: 8 to 10 Market Place

Silver Street / Fowlers Yard

Silver Street No: 9a, 9b, 10, 11, 13/15, 18, 24, 29

Area 2 Framwellgate

Aykley Heads

Garden House public house

County Hall (plans to demolish the building)

DLI Museum (now closed, plans to demolish the building)

Amphitheatre and walls, Wharton Park

North Road

WW1 War Memorial, St Godric’s

The Presbytery, Tenter Terrace

The school buildings, St. Godric’s and St. Anne’s Court, Castle Chare

The stone boundary walls to St. Godric’s and St. Anne’s Court

Railway walls leading to station approach

Tenter Cottage, No. 25 Tenter Terrace

Shakespeare Hall, 71, 72, 73 North Road

North Road No: 5 to 12, 65 (Weatherspoons, formerly Water Board), 64b

Reform Place, No: 74, 75, 76 North Road

The former Cinema, North Road

Milburngate No: 31, 32, 34, 35

Milburngate / Sidegate / Crookhall

Pennyferry Bridge

Crook Hall Farmhouse (south west of Crook Hall)

The Old Granary (west of Crook Hall)

The Old Coach House (north of Crook Hall)

Milburngate House (demolished 2018)

The Sands, Riverside

Remnants of the Mill and Millrace (now demolished)

Former Durham County School (now Sixth Form Centre) Buildings

Former Durham County School (now Sixth Form Centre) walls

The Mortuary Chapel, St. Nicholas Cemetery

St. Nicholas Cemetery stone walls and gravestones

Claypath Area

Claypath No: 18 (former Oldfields restaurant), 25, 26 (former Palladium Cinema) (all demolished 2017), 29, 33 (former Post Office headquarters), 41, 43, 44, 48, 55/54, 58, 59, 60, 60a, 60b, 60c, 65, 79, 80 (restaurant), 81 (Blue Coat Cottage), 84a, 84b, 85, 86, 87, 88, 88a, 89, 90, 92, 92a

No: 1 – 5 Blue Coat Buildings

St Anthony’s Vicarage

St Anthony’s Cottage

Quaker Burial Ground, Bellevue Court, Claypath

Kepier Court (former County Penitentiary), Bakehouse Lane

Area 3 Crossgate

Western Hill

King’s Lodge

St. Leonard’s School main original building

St. Leonard’s School Gatehouse

St. Leonard’s School stone walls

St Cuthbert’s Vicarage, Western Hill

No. 36 Albert Street

Field Houses Back Western Hill/Fieldhouse Lane

Industrial buildings near bottom of Back Western Hill

Grey House

Milburn House

Durham Light Infantry Cottages


County Hospital, North Road (now developed as student accommodation – Rushford Court)

County Hospital walls (North Road, Waddington Street, Sutton Street)

Railway walls leading to the Viaduct up Flass Street/Redhills

The Bridge Hotel, North Road, Sutton Street

Bees Cottage, Sutton Street

Flass Well, Flass Street

Miners’ Hall Villas (2) in Miners’ Hall grounds

Miners’ Hall walls, Flass Street/Redhills

Miners’ Hall gatehouse, Redhills Lane

Redhills Villa, Flass Street

Flass House, Ainsley Street

United Reformed Church, Waddington Street

St Bede’s Cemetery walls and some gravestones

Crossgate / South Street

Crossgate No: 5, 6, 8, 12 and 13 (Elm Tree public house), 26, 27, 28, 51, 52, 64, 65, 69, 70

Fighting Cocks public house, Crossgate

Allergate No: 19, 20, 27, 28, 29

South Street No: 38, 22, 39, 40, 22 (East side), 21

St. Margaret’s Rectory, South Street and walls

Walls/railings, South Street

Walls/railings, Gravestones, Crossgate churchyard/Grape Lane

St. Margaret’s former C of E School, Margery Lane

St. Margaret’s former C of E School walls, Margery Lane

Former Crossgate Hospital Site, Crossgate Centre

Stone walls and railings of former Crossgate Hospital facing A690

St. Margaret’s Garth

St. Margaret’s Chapel, corner of St. Margaret’s Mews

Neville Street No: 19 to 23

Hawthorn Terrace

Byland Lodge, Laburnum Avenue

Harrison and Harrison former organ works, Hawthorn Terrace

Rington’s Tea, former workshop/office HQ, John Street

Jubilee Cottage, May Street

Farnley Tower, The Avenue

The Tower, The Avenue

Tower Cottage, The Avenue

Codeslaw House, No: 24 The Avenue

Rosslyn House, The Avenue

Oak Lea, The Avenue

Dunster House, The Avenue

Avenue House, The Avenue

Neville’s Court and Coach House, The Avenue

Hillcrest, Farnley Hey Road

Farnley Hey/Lynhurst, Farnley Hey Road

Percy House, Percy Lane

Percy Lodge, Percy Lane

Sunnybrae, Percy Terrace

The Hermitage, Percy Terrace

Rokeby, Percy Terrace, No: 1 St Johns Road

Cross View Heights, No: 1c St Johns Road

Hilda House, St Johns Road

Baliol House, St Johns Road

St Johns Road No: 25 to 8

Rokeby Villa, Crossgate Peth

Cross House, Crossgate Peth

Cross View House, Crossgate Peth

Cross View Cottage, Crossgate Peth

Neville’s Cross Social Club, Crossgate Peth (now redeveloped as student accommodation)

Crossgate Peth No: 25 to 22, 11 to 20 (excludes Lodge)

Pimlico / Durham School

Observatory House, Potters Bank

Walls to the rear of the Observatory

Trinity Hall, Grove Street

The Caffinites, Grove Street

Poole House, Margery Lane

Pimlico numbers 4, 6

Walls to riverbanks in Pimlico

Grove Street No: 1, 2, 3

The Chapel, Durham School

Sanatorium, Durham School

Frontage building, Durham School

Swimming Pool Building, Durham School

Walls of Durham School

Walls to riverbanks in Pimlico

Nevilledale Terrace No: 9 to 25

Area 4 Elvet

New Elvet and Old Elvet

The Cathedrals (former police station), Court Lane

The Masonic Hall, Old Elvet

Elvet Methodist Church and Sunday School, Old Elvet

Old Elvet No: 2 to 3a

Dunelm House, New Elvet (plans to demolish building)

New Elvet No: 3 to 9,

Swan and Three Signets Public House, Old Elvet Bridge


Former Public Swimming Baths, Elvet Riverside

The original cricket pavilion

The original Bowling Club building

The brick railway bridge abutments associated with Elvet Railway

Mount Joy farmhouse and associated farm buildings

Green Lane / Whinney Hill

Former Durham Johnston School, Whinney Hill (planning approval to demolish building)

Random rubble sandstone boundary wall to south of Green Lane associated with former Elvet railway

Victorian railway cottages at eastern end of Green Lane

Church Street / Hallgarth Street

Church Street No: 8,9

St Oswald’s Vicarage (No: 27 and 27a), Church Street

Hallgarth Street No: 60 to 62

Mount Joy Crescent

Bow School

Area 5 Gilesgate

Upper Gilesgate

Gilesgate No: 98-99 (former Methodist Chapel, now funeral directors), 113 to 115, 137 to 139

Charles Stranks House

Grove House, Gilesgate

Gilesgate war memorial

Manor House

York House

Alma House

College of St. Hild and St. Bede / Riverside

Historic stone St. Hild College buildings, including former chapel

The former Hall (now gymnasium) to the south of the Chapel and the half brick half-timbered building tucked to the north of this Hall

Historic stone Bede College buildings including former Model School

Detached white rendered Edwardian dwelling (former Principal’s house), Pelaw Leazes Lane

Former Victorian school building, Hild’s Lane

Lower Gilesgate

Ravensworth Terrace

Gilesgate No: 10 to 19, 57 to 66

Kepier House

Kepier / Riverside / St Mary Magdalene’s

19th century brick kiln to north of Kepier Hospital

See also Table B2.

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