Appendix D – 2019 version

Assets in Our Neighbourhood

Table D1: Landscape and Natural Environment Sites in Our Neighbourhood

Table D2: Summary of Heritage Assets in Our Neighbourhood

Table D3: Public and Community Services and Facilities in Our Neighbourhood

Table D4: Employers and Educational Establishments in Our Neighbourhood

D.1 Online maps are available covering some of the assets in the above tables, e.g.

Environment Agency. Flood map for planning.

Historic England. National Heritage List for England. Map search.

Historic sites in Durham from MAgic.

Natural England. MAgic.

Ordnance Survey.

Durham County Council. Maps.; relevant maps given below

Durham County Council. Allotments.

Durham County Council. Cemeteries.

Durham County Council. Conservation areas.

Durham County Council. Definitive Public Rights of Way map.

Durham County Council. Schools. (see individual pages for maps)

Durham County Council. Tree Preservation Orders map.

Durham Landscape. Maps. Relevant maps given below

Durham Landscape. County Character Areas map.

Durham Landscape. Wear Lowlands Local Landscape Types Map.

Durham Landscape. Areas of High Landscape Value Map.

Durham Landscape. Conservation Areas Map.

Durham Landscape. World Heritage Site Map.

Durham Landscape. Conservation and Improvement Priority Areas Map.

Durham Landscape. Spatial Strategy Map.

Durham Landscape. Woodland Strategy Priority Map.

Durham Landscape. Native Woodland Zone Map.
Native woodland types, classified using the National Vegetation Classification System (NVC), found in Our Neighbourhood comprise: Lowland Oak Woodland (W10); Lowland Oak Birch Woodland (W16); Alder Carr Woodland (W5); Valley Fen Alder Woodland (W6); Alder Ash Woodland (W7)

Durham Landscape. Woodland Sensitivity Map.

Transport Context and Facilities

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