Plan contents – 2019 version


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Background

Chapter 3: Vision and Objectives

Chapter 4: Planning Policies and Proposals for Land Use

  • Theme 1: A City with a Sustainable Future
    • Policy S1: Sustainable Development Requirements of all Development and Re-development Sites Including all New Building, Renovations and Extensions
    • Policy S2: The Requirement for Master Plans
  • Theme 2a: A Beautiful and Historic City – Heritage
  • Theme 2b: A Beautiful and Historic City – Green Infrastructure
    • Policy G1: Protecting and Enhancing Green Infrastructure
    • Policy G2: Designation of Local Green Spaces
    • Policy G3: Creation of the Emerald Network
    • Policy G4: Enhancing the Beneficial Use of the Green Belt
  • Theme 3: A City With a Diverse and Resilient Economy
  • Theme 4: A City With Attractive and Affordable Places to Live
    • Policy D1: Land for Residential Development
    • Policy D2: Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
    • Policy D3: Student Accommodation in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
    • Policy D4: Housing for Older People and People with Disabilities
    • Policy D5: Affordable Housing
    • Policy D6: Building Housing to the Highest Standards
  • Theme 5: A City With a Modern and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure
    • Policy T1: Sustainable transport accessibility and design
    • Policy T2: Residential Car Parking
    • Policy T3: Residential Storage for Cycles and Mobility Aids
  • Theme 6: A City with an Enriched Community Life
    • Policy C1: Provision of Facilities for Arts and Culture
    • Policy C2: Provision of New Community Facilities and Policy C3: Protection of an Existing Community Facility
    • Policy C4: Health Care and Social Care Facilities

Chapter 5: Monitoring the Plan

Appendix A: Description of the Characters Areas in the Durham City Conservation Area

Appendix B: List of Non-Designated Heritage Assets, and of Buildings at Risk (both Designated and Non-Designated)

Appendix C: Population, Households, Housing and Sites

Appendix D: Assets in Our Neighbourhood





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