Table B2 – 2019 version

Table B2: List of Heritage at Risk in the Durham City Conservation Area

Information from Durham County Council (2016b) character area appraisal and from Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register.

Character Assessment Area

Character Assessment Sub-area

Heritage at Risk
(listed buildings marked with *)
(in the national Heritage At Risk Register = ‡)

Area 1 Peninsula

Castle Walls*‡

Sadler Street

34, 35 and 35a Saddler Street*


Count’s House*

Prebends Bridge*‡

Area 2 Framwellgate

North Road

The Former Miners Hall, 15-17 North Road*

The former Cinema, North Road

The United Bus Company Canteen, North Road*

Railway walls leading to station approach

Milburngate / Sidegate / Crookhall

Milburngate House (demolished 2017)

The Sands, Riverside

The Mortuary Chapel, St. Nicholas Cemetery

St. Nicholas Cemetery stone walls and graveyard

Claypath Area

Claypath No: 18 (former Gas Board offices and latterly Oldfields restaurant), 25, 26 (former Palladium Cinema), 29 (all demolished 2017)

Quaker Burial Ground, Belleue Court, Claypath

Area 3 Crossgate

Western Hill

Industrial buildings near bottom of Back Western Hill


County Hospital and its walls (North Road, Waddington Street, Sutton Street) (now developed as student accommodation so no longer at risk)

Flass Well, Flass Street

The Bridge Hotel, North Road

St Bede’s Cemetery walls and some gravestones

Crossgate / South St

Walls/railings/Gravestones Crossgate churchyard/Grape Lane

Pimlico / Durham School

Walls to the rear of the Observatory

Area 4 Elvet

New Elvet and Old Elvet

Dunelm House, New Elvet (plans for demolition)




Former Public Swimming Baths, Elvet Riverside

The brick railway bridge abutments associated with Elvet Railway

Mount Joy farmhouse and associated farm buildings

Green Lane / Whinney Hill

Former Durham Johnston School, Whinney Hill (planning permission given for demolition)

Church Street / Hallgarth Street

Church Street No: 31, 32, 33*

The Tithe Barn Durham Prison Officers Club, Hallgarth Street*‡

Area 5 Gilesgate

Upper Gilesgate

Vane Tempest Hall and Stable Blocks*

York House, St Hild’s Lane

Lower Gilesgate

Kepier House

Kepier / Riverside / St Mary Magdalene’s

Chapel of St Mary Magdalene*

19th century brick kiln to north of Kepier Hospital

B.2 The Durham City Neighbourhood Forum, based on public feedback, has identified non-designated heritage assets in Our Neighbourhood outside the Durham City Conservation Area:

  • Sheraton House, Merryoaks
  • Riverbanks Gardens and Heritage walks

B.3 And additional heritage at risk

  • Dryburn House (Grade II listed), University Hospital of North Durham grounds (planning permission given for demolition)

See also Table B1

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